Request a Nuisance Animal Removal Permit from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Illinois Wildlife is protected by Illinois Compiled Statute and may only be removed by lawful means. Nuisance Animal Removal Permits may be issued for some species if it determined that wildlife are causing property damage and/or a threat to human health and safety and reasonable attempts to mitigate conflict have been tried.

Most nuisance wildlife problems are the result of people feeding wildlife, either intentionally (bird feeders, corn for squirrels, etc.) or incidentally (leaving food out for pets, bird feeder spillage, etc.). It is important to recognize that people must do their part to discourage wildlife by non-lethal means before removing animals. Removing every raccoon, skunk, squirrel etc. from your property and/or neighborhood is neither practical nor supported.

Conflicts involving bobcat, coyote, river otter, American badger, red and gray fox, pheasant, quail, and white-tailed deer require landowners to contact their local Wildlife Biologist.

I am having issues with Nuisance Wildlife:

I need more information on a particular species and what I can do to prevent conflict.

I have tried the recommendations on and I need to hire professional help to remove and/or euthanize problem animals.

I have tried the recommendations on and I am still experiencing property damage and/or a threat to my health or safety. I have the knowledge and equipment to legally and humanely catch and euthanize the animals myself.

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